The Polarity Club

What is The Polarity Club?

It is the ultimate membership for committed single or married men and women who are looking to create a highly devoted, deeply respectful and wildly loving relationship.

The relationship of your dreams.

Now you may be wondering: “who is this for?”

Good question.

Single or married men and women who:
Are committed to creating their dream relationship
Are humble, respectful and teachable in their attitude and communication
Are committed to being educated
Are committed to experiencing deep transformation
Are willing to be respectfully challenged and open to change
Are committed to living in their dominant and devoted masculine (men) or their receptive and vulnerable feminine (women)
Now, there are also people this isn’t for. This is NOT for single or married men and women who:
Just wanna f*ck or are looking for fast, quick and easy sex. We are creating a “marriage material” community of men and women (this isn’t some pick up artist bullsh*t)
Are overly domineering or assume they know what “a dream relationship” requires while having a track record of failed relationships (respect and humility is key)
Know-it-alls (these folks are arrogant and are the worst. Don’t be one of them)
Don’t want to be respectfully challenged at the highest level and prefers quick fixes (these folks never learn their lesson that quick fixes don’t work)
What's Included In The Polarity Club?
The Polarized Communication Course: Gain access to our elite 52 week 20 hour course where you will discover the keys to polarized communication, eliminate arguments, and how to create the relationship of your dreams with ease.

Private FB Group For Direct Support: You will be able to ask questions and get the support you need to be successful when you go on dates if you are single, or in your communication with your partner if you are in a relationship!

1x Per Week Client Group Role Play Calls: This is hands down our clients favorite feature. You will get the chance to hop on a group role play call to get direct coaching from one of our coaches. They will roleplay situations with you back and forth so you can practice communicating effectively from your masculine or feminine energy. This is how you retrain yourself to communicate your needs, end arguments, and keep attraction and connection sky high. 

1-1 Coaching Support: Direct once-a-month access to being coached by our world class polarized communication coaches. You are guaranteed to experience the greatest transformation of your life.

Deep Inner Work Course: Learn the true depths of your unhealthy patterning and wounding, and learn the tools to polarize and heal yourself to the deepest levels 
We don't expect you to believe that this transformational offer is as good as we say it is. That's why we are giving you a FREE week to try it out before you even commit to anything or pay a penny. We are THAT confident you will LOVE it.
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Here’s how it works:
Step #1:
Fill out your info and sign up today
Step #2:
Open the invitation sent to your email inbox and login
Step #3
Get access to our content and community to begin creating the relationship of your dreams today!
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If you try out the free week and decide it's not for you, you lose NOTHING.

If you try out the free week and decide it's the best thing ever and decide to stay, you gain EVERYTHING.

Here’s some more amazing stories from clients and their transformation:
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Since going through my journey in this course I have discovered so much about myself. I have grown, learned and healed deep emotional wounds that were holding me back. My self-worth is online and I now make choices that are healthy and serve me.  I cannot begin to describe the shifts I have made in the short 6mths and I know I have more to go. I now can confidently say I am happier, more confident, less anxious and generally different but also more me. More the person I truly am and want to be. I feel joyful and a lot of pride when I look back and all the shifts I have made and how I have blossomed into a feminine woman. I feel so much gratitude for the founders Zak and Mark and the other male coaches who have treated me with care, giving me invaluable guidance and helped me to help myself.
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I spent 20+ years doing all the spiritual stuff and emotional work (various modalities) to make myself happier. I had some good results clearing past emotional baggage, but on a day-to-day basis I was still experiencing the same old patterns on an emotional level. I was running too much feminine energy; I wasn’t truly at home in myself… I wasn’t connected to my power or my masculine instincts …and my relationships and working life reflected this. · I am now consistently grounded in my masculine. As a result, I am much happier in myself and find that I am rarely disturbed by emotions such as self-pity, neediness, anxiety, jealousy, insecurity, depression etc. What is there instead? Calm, clarity, strength & devotion. There has been a massive positive shift towards being more self-responsible in all areas of my life. I am constantly working to be a better partner, a better leader, a better provider, a better father etc
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Erik W
"Working with Zak and Mark I had noticeable shifts within my relationship that not only had more of my needs being met but I had also felt a level of devotion for my partner's needs and desires like never before. And none of this was transactional or stemmed from "needy" or people pleasing type energy. I actually wanted to do things around the house, step up, care for my wife's feelings and lead as a husband and as a father like I've never done before.

I'm grateful for Zak and Mark reminding me that my masculinity is a gift and nothing to be ashamed of."
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Jason S

"I reached out to Zak as if I was on auto pilot, I knew I needed something and I needed it soon.
I’ve done so many trainings, retreats, read books and done courses but I was stuck. Stuck at my limit and stuck in my love life.

Mark and Zak taught me how to trust my instincts, how to trust my clarity and to push through the discomfort that was holding me back. Now I feel like a man taking charge of my life!

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Lindsay E

"I felt desperation to be saved by the masculine but due to my own trauma I was using protective masculine energy to keep my heart safe. 

 However, I began implementing the teachings of masculine and feminine communication and polarity taught in the academy.  I began to feel and explore my body, mind and my favorite part, my heart.

There are simply not enough words to express my feelings of gratitude for the teachings of Zak Roedde and Mark Binet.  Through practicing feminine communication with other Dominant Men and Radiant Women I have found my heart and made it my home for expressing my feelings, needs, problems and desires to the Men and Women in the world."

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Jasmin S

"I havent been in a long term relationship since more than 15 years. Within those 15 years I always was feeling that deep longing for intimacy with that one man who only wants me, who falls in love with me.

But somehow it did not work out and many of my friends know how deep that longing was and how it turned into a neediness and then a sadness and then a depression and then a wound.

Since I started working with Zak and Mark's radiant women and caring and devotionally dominant men, my life has changed. 

I feel endlessly thankful to have been able to experience how it feels when a caring, gentle man provides me with his devotional, healthy, centered  dominance, so I was able to (for THE FIRST TIME in my whole freakin life) feel my full on femininity with consciousness!

Through his words, his support, his energy. Wow. 

I feel deep, endless humble thankfulness for Zak and Mark and all the caring men that literally changed my life profoundly the last 6 months. And I thank my self for being so brave and dig deep, taking every pain as a gift to enhance my feminine self worth and freedom. Wow. Just wow.

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Society is designed for you to be unhappy.
Men are taught to live without honor, devotion and dominance.

Women are taught to live without cherishing, decency, and grace

You are left with confusion, depression and delusion.

It’s time to learn how to end all of that, and join the movement.
Here’s My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Some people wonder whether there’s a catch. There is none.

It seems like this is “too good to be true”, because trust me, if I were in your shoes, I’d probably feel the same. And trust me, I get it. The relationship industry is full of fakers and pretenders.

I mean it seems like everyone claims to be “a relationship expert”.

Which is why we’re willing to back our claims with real actions.

Integrity is a huge thing for us.

In fact, we’re so serious about integrity and committing to your transformation that we’re going to do something just for you.

We are giving away a free week in polarity club because we KNOW you will want to sign up after for the full program because you will be...
Blown away by the content you learn
Impacted by the trainings in the membership site and in the Facebook group
Learning genuine communication skills that actually transform your dating life or relationship
Satisfied with the level of support, love and wisdom we’re providing you
Seeing tangible results
Claim Your Free Week In Polarity Club Today!
We’re excited to see you take the step towards becoming “marriage material” and creating the most devoted and loving relationship ever!

The relationship you’ve always wanted.

The relationship of your dreams. See you soon!

Is there a refund policy?
Even better, you get a one week FREE to test drive the program. No strings attached, no paying anything. After the free week you do NOT get charged. We will simply check in with you and see if you are interested in continuing.
When are the training calls in the group?
Saturdays at 11 am EST and 7PM EST
How many calls are there per week?
There is one call per week that you are allowed to join. But you can watch both of the replays.